What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 07/04/17
What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

As we get ever closer to the summer, that means that wedding season is almost upon us. And with that comes a whole lot of wedding guest stress. Which of your favourite summer wedding dresses is perfect, how to do your hair and how on earth to convince the boyfriend to buy a new tie… These are just some of the things that can add up making you stressed about what should be a joyful event. This is stressful enough when you are attending a wedding in your local area, but when you add the words destination and beach to the invite, you might be wondering what to wear to a beach wedding?!

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding?

If you are heading off to a sunny destination for a beach side wedding, it can be an tricky when it comes to searching for summer wedding dresses. The accessories are a total different ball game too...

Beach Wedding Dresses for Guests

Weddings on the beach have a different vibe than your typical English countryside wedding and it can be hard to figure out exactly what dress to wear to a beach wedding. First, you need to think about the location, are you attending a wedding on a Cornish beach where the sun is by no means guaranteed or are you jetting off to see your best friend get married in the Caribbean. If the weather is looking a little shaky then opt for a longer dress that would look great under a sleek jacket or with a light scarf.

Caribbean Beach Wedding Attire

When you are heading to a hotter destination for the beach wedding it can be tricky to think about the best beach wedding dresses for guests. Look for a floaty dress to stay cool whilst out in the sun all day and a hat if you need protection for the sun. We are loving blue summer wedding dresses this year and beach weddings are no exception.

Beach Wedding Attire - The Accessories

It might seem obvious by sand and heels are not a match made in heaven. You are already on the beach so embrace the laid back vibes and reach for a brand new pair of sandals or maybe some espadrilles. Add some subtle jewelry and finish the look with a brand new bag.


When it comes to thinking about what to wear to a beach wedding, it can be tricky to embrace the beach vibe and still stay fashionable. But hopefully you have been inspired by our guide of what to wear for a beach wedding and you can jet off and attend the wedding with confidence.

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