What to Wear to Glastonbury, Whatever the Weather

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 30/05/17
What to Wear to Glastonbury, Whatever the Weather

With the UK’s biggest festival now less than a month away, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about what you will wear for the 5 day arts and music festival. Dressing for a UK festival is a little trickier than the world famous Coachella because of our famous ‘summer’ weather. Well, no matter rain or shine, this blog is the ultimate guide to getting that festival look just right…

What to Wear to Glastonbury

When packing for a UK festival, you pretty much have to be ready for all four seasons. So with that in mind we have created the perfect looks for torrential rain, brilliant sunshine and most things in between.

How to Dress For: Perfect Sunshine

Picture this: the sun is out and there's not a cloud in the sky, you are listening to your favourite band with a beer in hand. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well, whilst it’s not a guarantee, the sun has shined for Glastonbury in the past and we have our fingers and toes crossed for this year. When it’s a little hotter, pick a crop top and pair with some embroidered denim shorts and finish the look with some cute espadrilles and a floral hair accessory. Looking for a little protection from the sun?  Grab a lightweight blouse that you can throw on when the sun is a little too intense.


How to Dress For: Dry but Cloudy

Good news, it’s not raining. Not so good news, it’s not very sunny. A little drop in temperature isn’t the end of the world though, you can still rock a chic festival look that will work from the first act of the day until the after parties. For this weather we recommend picking a dress (the floatier the better), add a waist belt and pair with boots and a chic kimono.


How to Dress For: Rain

It’s probably going to happen at some point over the 5 days, so make sure you are prepared for a few raindrops to fall while you are dancing the day (and night) away. We have to start with the classic festival item, the welly. Perfect for rainy days and all the mud that follows, wellies are a staple of any festival-goers wardrobe. We love them with some long socks, a trusty pair of shorts, floral top and that all important waterproof.



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