What's Your Black Tie Dresscode?

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 07/09/18
Which one for a black tie event?

With black tie season fast approaching, and a number of engagements already populating my diary it had me thinking...what's your black tie dresscode?

For years i had trouble getting the black tie dresscode right, there were dresses that were too short, too casual or just plain BORINGGGGG! But for the last 2 years i've been killing it, must be old age wisdom (growing old has to have some perks right?!).

So with my new found expertise, ladies, its time to find you some glamorous dresses, and gentlemen it's time to find the perfect black tie suit.

Black Tie Dresscode - Dress for Less, Style Spend, Lavish Luxury

No matter how much you have to spend on your black tie dresscode, I have you covered with 3 simple spend categories, no-one  has to miss out on a good ole' shindig here on Fashiola.co.uk!

  1. Dress for Less (super affordable)
  2. Style Spend (mid-range price tag)
  3. Lavish Luxury (ultimate splurge)

1. Dress for Less

For my frugal darlings, here are a cost effective selection of glamorous dresses and men's dinner suits to have you best dressed for less. 

2. Style Spend

Got a lil bit more to spend on your black tie attire? Here are some showstoppers that wont break the bank, but may have you breaking hearts.

3. Lavish Luxury

No limits? Get ready to splash some serious cash on high-end luxury black tie outfits that will last a lifetime! 

Hopefully you've found your dream black tie dresscode from my selections! Let me know what looks are your fave, and what you'll be rocking to your black tie events this year?

Love JadeJade Johnson

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