Which Office Shoes Work for You?

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 24/09/18
What Office Shoes Work for You?

Choosing what to wear to work in general is a pretty difficult task, but then cue selecting office shoes and things can quickly spiral out of control. This is one of those decision that has so many factors to consider but my biggest concern is how much walking I will actually have to do in the day. Desk bound and I’m going for the full on heeled pumps, lunch meeting and the kitten heels come out to play, company off-site leads to flats, and after work drinks bring in the boots - every scenario has a shoe.

My best workwear outfits depend on the footwear to take it to the next level. Lets be honest, office fashion can sometimes be a little dreary, but trust me office shoes do not have to be! When you’re struggling with what to wear to work, you can conform up top with plain simple styles and let the office shoes do the talking – think of this as a horizontal mullet: business at the top, party at the bottom!

My Office Shoes Selections for Every Scenario

Desk Bound = Heeled Pumps

One of my fave stores for heeled office shoes has to be STYLEBOP, check them out in the mix below.

Lunch Meeting = Kitten Heels

Wolf & Badger always get this style right with the best shoe brands to choose from - they had to be a part of my selection.

Company Off-Site = Flats

Flats are my go-to office shoes when on the go. For maximum comfort I like to keep a FitFlop pair handy.

Work Drinks = Boots

Boots are often seen as a casual style but some of my best workwear outfits are those paired with a cropped chino or pencil skirt and boots.

What Office Shoes Work for You?

Let us know what you wear to work and which office shoes work for you. The best workwear outfits are what feels authentically right to you, so pop on your fave office shoes and work it!

Love JadeJade Johnson

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