4 Simple Winter Outfit Ideas for Men

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 31/10/18
4 Simple Winter Outfit Ideas for Men with no Clue About Fashion

With winter in full swing I thought it was time to hook the fella's up with some cold weather outfits - I mean  you guys need advice too, we can't let the ladies have all the fun!

It can be tough to figure out what to wear in winter, it is always so easy to slip into stagnant styling and miss the exploration of trend and style. Not to mention, mens fashion tips can be hard to come by, but today, I've got you covered with 4 of my favourite winter outfit ideas for men!  

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Look 1 - All Black Everything

Black is one of the chicest colours and is super easy to rock. If in doubt about what to wear in winter, go "matchy matchy" and overload on this tone through every piece - the result will be a classy and timeless outfit. From this look the winter wardrobe staple has to be the bomber jacket  - this style is transitional and forever on trend.

Men's Winter Outfits - All Black Everything

Look 2 - Grey-diant

Lets try to look on the bright side of this winter season and celebrate the gorgeous grey tones of the sky through our clothing. This is a casual & comfortable, yet super stylish (in a grown and sexy way) outfit. With pieces which create a well rounded layered ensemble perfect for transitioning from day to night.

Men's Winter Outfits - Grey-diant

Look 3 - Work Flow

It is possible to still stay stylish in your work gear in winter, and these are some must have pieces to create a suave and sophisticated, yet heat containing outfit. I personally feel that every man needs a good old Mac  in his closet (not the laptop, the coat fellas), as they can elevate the simplest of outfits. Leave the blazer at home with this look and opt for 2 pieces of the 3 piece suit, and for extra warmth throw a classic tonal scarf around your neck.

Men's Winter Outfits - Work Flow

Look 4 - Classic Casual Styling

When it comes to cold weather outfits, layering is truly the key. One of my top mens fashion tips for what to wear in winter has to be to layer up! A lot of the time these pieces already exist in your wardrobes but haven't dared to be infused into an outfit yet. This oufit again is very simple, but the layering of the specific items give the notion of a man who knows what he's doing! Perfect for a lunch date or dress down day at the office, this is a well balanced casual look.

Men's Winter Outfits - Casual Styling

So fella's, I hope you have been inspired by my 4 winter outfit ideas and will no longer have trouble choosing what to wear in winter. Remember, if in doubt just keep it simple with 1-2 tones, and if you're really stuck then pop me a message in the comments for more men's fashion tips - i'm always here to help!

Love JadeJade Johnson

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