Women’s Boots for Every Style

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 09/08/17
Women’s Boots for Every Style

Wearing boots, whether they are ankle boots or high leg boots, make me feel classy and confident (mostly, because i’m really short and they make me look like my actual age). The versatility of women's boots also add to their unique ability to make any outfit look good. Whether its for a night out, or just day-to-day routines, I love wearing boots to spice up my outfit.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are my all time favorite go-to shoes for a night out. They are not too high to make me want to do a walk of shame with shoes in my hand after a night out, but they are high enough to give my outfit that fancy element. It's the perfect mix between casual and classy.  I love pairing boots with some skinny jeans, or collates. I also love to wear different color boots and make them match with one other item in my outfit whether that's my bag or my jacket.

High Leg Boots

Now, I can’t necessarily pull these off...because you know.. my height (it’s a sensitive issue), but that doesn't mean I stare at them aimlessly hoping I could wear them when I see my friends wear them. High leg boots are such a classy addition to your outfit, and immediately become the centerpiece as well. Pairing this with a body-con dress or skirt is a classic look many girls love. If you want something a bit more casual, pair them over your denim skinny jeans or shorts to add a little spice to your outfit. I would recommend wearing these for a night out but hey.. If you can walk in high heels all day long then why not just wear them on a regular day!


Lace up boots

These are my go-to shoes when I have day off and go to the park, or go see my friends in the city. Lace up boots are comfortable shoes you can wear all day long… and the perfect thing is, the wide range of designs and colors available makes sure you can find one that fits with your day-to-day style. The fun thing to do with these is to play around with material, from suede to leather, lace up boots can take on a variety of styles!


Women’s boots are a great addition to any wardrobe. Of Course that also means having more than just one pair, so browse through our wide range women’s boots to find a pair (or three) that will make your outfits stand out, and will make you go through your day in comfort and style.

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