Womens Casual Trainers for Spring

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 20/02/19

Spring is slowly but surely approaching (thank god) and so I am on the lookout for new items to add to my wardrobe. Waking up to clear blue skies with some sun is working its magic and I’m feeling more energised, ready to go and smash the day. I’ve found some New Look must have spring staples and now I’m looking to find a pair of womens casual trainers that will compliment my spring wardrobe. This season there are quite some trends to choose from, so if you’re like me, searching through millions of (online) stores only to end up with a billion options, this blog is for you. I’ve chosen three womens casual trainers trends I’m loving at the moment, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love too.

Trainer Trends You’ll Love this Spring

Womens casual trainers for Spring

A Blank Slate: Crisp White Trainers

My absolute favourite, the white trainers are timeless and can be worn again and again, season after season. They can be worn with every outfit, whether you’re a skinny jeans and top kind of gal or prefer a midi dress, they’ll work. I particularly like adidas trainer collection, they are always super classic and chic, and have great wearability.

Petite Girls Rejoice, Platform Trainers are Here for You!

Shoutout to my petite girls out there, because I’ve found mine and your new favourite trainer. If you’re like me and you’re trying endlessly to appear taller by wearing maxi skirts and dresses and wearing painful heels daily, then you’ll be especially excited about this trend. Platform trainers are the easiest way to gain some inches without having to brace yourself for sore feet and an aching back. I personally love the platform trainers that have different colours stripes in the platform, like the ones below.

Designer Trainers go ‘UGLY’.

Yes, I’m talking about those Balenciaga trainers you have probably seen everywhere! The first time I saw this trainer, I thought, ‘who the hell would wear this?’ and now, guilty, I kind of want one. And not only Balenciaga, other designer trainers have this vibe. It looks like designers are trying to push the limit on how far they can go with ‘uglyness’ without sacrificing wearability and street vibe. Other designer trainers you should look out for that put out trainers that are bit different than usual are Adidas and Gucci.

With this selection of womens casual trainers spring trends you’re sure to be able to find your pair (or two, or three.. hey, treat yourself, right?). Head over to our Instagram to let us know which one you like best!

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