Zoe Zhang is UNLIKE ANY

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 02/08/17
Zoe Zhang is UNLIKE ANY

As you might have already heard, each week we are talking about another of the stars of the Under Armour unlike any campaign. This week it’s the turn of Zoe Zhang, Taekwondo black belt and actress.

This video shows strength and poise from someone who was a national champion but forced retire after suffering from an injury. Since then she has fought her way back to become one of China’s most famous actresses who specialises in martial arts.


I especially love the poem in this video as I think we can all relate to it in some way, especially the second half.

"I fight against those who dismiss me,

my pain,

and my potential.

I fight in my own way,

so I will rise above all."

Zoe Zhang is UNLIKE ANY

The whole theme of the campaign is overcoming obstacles, recognising feats of strength and becoming the best we can possible be and this section of the poem really reminds me of that. When I started to think about which athlete I was inspired by the most, I felt like Zoe had to be my pick. Before this campaign, I wasn't aware of Zoe, but her story and the poem are quite relatable.

Zoe Zhang is UNLIKE ANY

For me, when I work out, the clothes are a really important part of my routine. A new top or pair of trainers can make all the difference when I am looking to take on a new challenge. From spin class to rock climbing, I always feel a little confidence boost when I have some brand new kit.

Zoe Zhang is UNLIKE ANY

This look from Under Armour is the perfect combination of comfort and performance and I can picture wearing it for everything from yoga to lifting weights in the gym. I am always looking for sports stuff that makes me feel great whilst still being practical and these pieces from Under Armour are perfect.

Zoe Zhang is UNLIKE ANY

Don’t forget to enter our competition to win an entire Under Armour outfit by sharing why you are unlike any on our blog from last week.


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  • michael andrzejewski

    cool stuff and price aint that high for what you actually get so????????????????

  • Karen Teulon

    I am unlike any as I too am a martial artist and have to fight and struggle through chronic pain to do what I do. With a spinal injury when I was 14, I have been living with crippling pain and nerve damage for 26 years. Sometimes the pain is so bad I don't want to get out of bed but even though I may get up late, I do get up and I make sure I walk and swim five days a week to try and keep myself fit and supple. Then once or twice a week I train hard ju-jitsu, working with just men. I enjoy the strength and power that I feel when I am able to throw them around the mat, kick them in the head and put them into crippling joint locks!