15 Luxury Fashion Essentials for Spring 2017

By Philippa Jones | Trends | 29/03/17
15 Luxury Fashion Essentials for Spring 2017

When it comes to luxury fashion, there are so many great brands out there, it can be hard to choose which items you will add to your wardrobe for the new season. Fear not, we are here to help with our picks of the best luxury clothing and luxury fashion accessories for spring 2017.

Luxury Fashion for Spring 2017

A new season means brand new trends and what better way to get on top of these trends with some of the key pieces in the best colours for the new season. We are love dusky pink luxury fashion, which will be everywhere in the coming months. Looking for some accessories? We are looking at sleek metallic watches and perfect purses to put in our designer bags.

Luxury Clothing - Dresses

The staple in most girls wardrobes, the dress. Take your look up a level with the best luxury dresses around. Our luxury clothing picks this season are perfect for that upcoming summer holiday or a sunny brunch right here in the U.K. Floral are once again back in for spring, so why not take advantage of this great luxury fashion trend and find yourself a bold and beautiful dress for spring 2017.

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Luxury Fashion - Shoes

We are sure that we aren’t alone when it comes to talking about our real luxury fashion weakness, shoes. You can always find room for another pair in your wardrobe and believe us, the pairs we have picked are so worth it. From unique sandals to the best heels and those ever popular sliders, you can find so many great pairs that you will love all spring and summer long.

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Luxury Fashion Accessories

What would an outfit be without the finishing touches? When it comes to luxury fashion accessories, you can search for days to find the perfect watch or purse. Well, search no more, because we have rounded up our top 5 luxury fashion accessories for you choose from. 


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Luxury fashion is so diverse and we are so excited about this upcoming season. With so many great options available you can indulge and treat yourself to some on-trend and beautiful luxury fashion for spring 2017

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