6 Fashion Week Streetstyle trends that are easy to copy

By Maria Betteghella | Trends | 12/11/19

Fashion month is officially over and we’re still working our way through endless street style inspiration. But the time has come to stop hiding behind our phones and swooning over street style looks and instead actually making it happen ourselves. We’ve rounded up our favorite street style trends that you can easily work into your wardrobe. To put it more bluntly, you can just plain copy these fashion week street style looks. Yes, that means no more excuses; your looks are going to be as on-trend as it gets.

The Belt & Blazer Trick

Belted blazers are having a moment and we’re so here for it. When it comes to styling tricks this is one of the easiest one. It gives a tweed, vintage blazer a whole new look or makes a boxy menswear blazer a little more feminine. You can use pretty much any leather belt you have lying around for this (or “borrow” your boyfriends). But the belt du jour has to be the classic logo Gucci belt, a subtle luxury statement and an accessory actually worth investing in. 

Ragazze che indossano blazer e cintura

Back to beige 

If you thought beige was only an exciting colour during rainy days when you can finally show off your favourite beige trench coat (just to change your mind after the third day without sun), then you’re wrong. The fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and London introduced us to a whole new range of soft, buttery beige and light tones, and we’re here for it. The effortless elegance of this colour is at its peak when you go for a full mono-tone look. That means teaming an off-white knit with beige suit trousers but not stopping there - adding beige shoes and a beige bag. Did I say beige too much? Well, that’s the point. Explore different shades of beige; cream, coffee and camel for warmer tones and almost-white-but-not-really all blend well together. Easy, elegant and on-trend: back to beige!

Ragazze vestite di beige

This Croc won't bite

From street style to the high street and luxury designers – croc print has taken over this year’s obsession with leopard print. It has earned its place as the animal print of the season. And no, we don’t mean the plastic shoes or the actual exotic skin of a crocodile. Mock croc or croc-effect is leather that well, looks like a crocodile print. It has a classic luxury feel that pairs with anything and, even though it’s a trend right now, it’s still timeless. We’ve been seeing lots of burgundy and brown croc boots and chic bags. The cult bag brand Staud is really acing this look so head over to their shop page to check it out.

Stivali e borsa di pelle a stampa coccodrillo

Going Big On Brights

Another big comeback and one, we must admit, is a little hard to accept is neon. Don’t be blinded by its brightness, this luminous trend can be stylish and even a little bit subtle. You can turn any monotonous winter outfit into something trendy with just one hint of neon. If you’re all about those retro aesthetics then you can explore fluorescent pairings. But for a more subtle look, balance out boring (there, I said it) black blazers or denim jackets with a hot pink knit under. There are plenty of cool t-shirts out there in neon hues to layer under your look and bright and bold mini bags for a touch of this ravers palette.

Ragazze che indossano colori al neon e nero

Play on plaids

So let’s clarify one thing: just because something is a fashion week trend doesn’t mean you should be living and breathing example of it. Like with this plaid print trend you don’t have to go for a full check print suit if it doesn’t excite you as much as your favourite pair of jeans. All you need is a pair of plaid pants, a plaid jacket or a plaid knit to match with your everyday wardrobe and you’re on-trend. Yes, the game of fashion is an easy one to play. If you think there isn’t enough plaid in the world, try to combine different patterns with different colours and sizes, entering a stylish stratosphere of squares. For more plaid perfection check out our blog on How to Style Plaid Coats

Ragazze che indossano tessuti a quadri

Purple Fever

Purple is popping. But the days of soft and sweet lilacs that replaced millennial pink this summer are long gone. It’s all about fierce purple, bright bold and ‘look at me’ purple. The cosmic, ultra-violet kind. This bold hue looks great with denim, so it’s an easy hack to brighten your blue jeans with a purple cardigan. If you fall more in the ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ category of style choices, then match purple with more purple or colour block with blue and pink. We’ve seen both on the fashion week street style scene and even though they look like style superhumans, if they can do it, you can do it too.

Ragazze vestite di viola
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