Find the best Denim with Topshop

By Philippa Jones | Trends | 24/03/17
Find the best Denim with Topshop

Fashion can come and go, but it certainly seems like denim is forever and we certainly have our favourite styles. But sometimes we can get stuck in a denim rut and what better time to try something new than spring 2017?

Best of Topshop Denim

Topshop have a whole range of denim items to choose from. With both jackets and jeans on the agenda, there has never been a better time to get that denim fix…

Alternative Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple, but this season, looking at Topshop denim is the best way to add a denim jacket to your wardrobe that makes a statement. From floral embroidery to ripped panels and even paint splatters, there is an alternative jacket for everyone.

Alternative Jeans

Indigo is the colour most associated with denim, but when it comes to the best of Topshop denim, you can find jeans with interesting and unique details. From fringing, to amazing raw edges and even paintings of mermaids, you can easily find the perfect pair of alternative jeans for you.  


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