How to wear: the sleeveless coat

By Jill Hekman | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 03/06/15
How to wear: the sleeveless coat

Sleeveless coats! Have you seen them recently in all the shops? Yes, we're talking about a boyfriend blazers without sleeves. Anyway .. the garment is hot this spring! Of course we saw it already hanging on the shoulders of a number of fashion bloggers and more and more shops are including them in their range. Slowly we are coming more of a fan of the sleeveless fashion item.

Trend alert: The sleeveless coat is your best friend

The oversized waistcoat is not difficult to combine, as you can chuck it on with anything. Perfect for work or even a party! There are endless combinations for a sleeveless coat in a beautiful cut and neutral colour! Do you need proof? Then look at these ideas for inspiration.....

Outfit 1: Weekends

Spring is the perfect season for layering your sleeveless coat over a sweater. It provides you with just that extra layer of warmth and it looks very fashionable :). Combine the sleeveless waistcoat with a striped sweater, your comfy skinny jeans and some cute sneakers and then you can fashionable go out the door for a stroll to the market on the weekend.

Outfit 2: Work

Do you think wearing a waistcoat to work is boring? Well if you go for a suit waistcoat then maybe yes, but otherwise, no! The advantage of the sleeveless coat is that you can not only 'down-dress' it, but you can also 'up-dress' it! A smart oversized sleeveless cardigan is super over a midi skirt combined with a nice blouse. Add a belt for an extra feminine look. Thoroughly office proof!

Outfit 3: Party

A party without a sleeveless coat is not a party;). For the best party look then add a utterly cool oversized waistcoat! It can not only be worn with an off the shoulder bodycon dress, but even with a cute summer dress or playsuit with a nice print. Party on!

So have we inspired you to buy a sleeveless coat? If you are looking for one, then be sure to look at How are  you going to combine yours?

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