It’s official, hair accessories are the new jewellery

By Annabel van Eijk | Sponsored | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 27/09/19
It’s official, hair accessories are the new jewlery

Bad hair days are a thing of the past, hair accessories have come back from the 90s to add more sparkle into our lives. I’m not going to lie, to say I'm excited about this trend is an understatement. I’ve always loved a good hair clip, hairband or colourful scrunchie, but after my teen years, it just became unacceptable to be THAT excited to walk into a Claire’s store. But times have changed, and hair accessories went from schoolgirl to street style. Scandi girls are wrapping their hair up in bubblegum pink hair clips and It's impossible to browse through street style shots without bumping into at least one Prada headband. I've rounded up the best hair accessory styles out there right now, so scroll and enjoy feeling like an over-excited school girl again. It's pink! It's Shiny! I want it! 

Headband's latest hits

Headbands are fashion’s gift to greasy hair. For all that has been made difficult for us this season - I mean, I can't be the only one really struggling to pull off this bicycle short thing-  this trend makes up for everything. I’m sure you’ve seen those huge Prada oversized headbands on the heads of what feels like every influencer but if you want a little less drama without losing that Blair Waldorf vibe, there are plenty of more subtle options.

Scrunchies, but for adults

Scrunchies have been around for a while, so it makes sense that they have become bolder and better. They’re a great way to add a touch of colour to your outfit, with fun patterns and bright colours. Some also have a nice bit of fabric to tie and turn the whole things into a cute bow. But you don’t have to go, full-on five-year-old, go for a sleek silk scrunchie for a subtle addition to your evening look.

Bonus points if you can pull this off as a bracelet.

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Pretty in pearls 

These are not your grandmother's pearls, somehow they are more rock roll when clipped into your locks. They are a fun addition to your evening outfit but work great as just a glimpse of sparkle to your day to day look. You can place two under each other on one side, or one on each side, to make more of a statement rather an I've-done-my-homework-on-time feel.

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Statement Slides

Forget slogan tees, it’s all about statement slides now. Secure those locks with a fun not-so-little hair barrette and make a bold move with studded lettering. The Gucci hair barrette is the most memorable for me, it’ll turn your hair into high fashion in no time, find them at Luisaviaroma, where you'll also find lots of other great hair accessories! 

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Classic Barrettes (Not to be confused with the French hat) 

Barrettes are a fancy way of saying hair clips, but the point is that they’ve gone from holding your bun into place when you’re working out to actually be worn as a fashion accessory. Plain bobby pins and barrettes are being used in excess and somehow, it actually looks cool. They don't have to be totally camouflaged, a subtle stud or maybe some brighter colours are also a great option. 


Since, you know, it’s still not super acceptable to walk into a Claire’s store as a grown woman, may I introduce to you the adult candy shop for fashion: Luisaviaroma. You can find heaps of fashion hair accessories from our favourite luxury brands and lots of other great accessories and luxury fashion to mix and match with. Better start shopping! 

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