Latest jewellery trends we’re loving

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 19/03/18

New season, new jewellery, new trends - new jewellery trends! Spring is crawling back around (slowly, we know, we know) but here and there we see glimpses of sunshine and 10+ degrees. There is plenty to be excited about, whether it’s simply the sun coming through every once in a while or your upcoming plans for the long Easter weekend. With events to get ready for and a new fashion season on the horizon, we thought it’s time for a jewellery trends edit. Because with the excitement of new fashion collections, sometimes we forget to focus on the small stuff. After all, jewellery can make or break your look.

Latest jewellery trends we’re loving

Without further ado, our favourite jewellery trends for Spring 2018.

Go small, go minimalist jewellery

It’s easy to always grab the shiniest thing, the statement necklace or pair of earrings. But this spring, you better reach for the minimalist jewellery. Something small, fine and simple, minimalist jewellery is all about simply completing your outfit without overshadowing what you’re wearing. In this way, you can wear a minimalist piece that you’ve invested in with every outfit in your closet; it’s versatile and matches many, if not all, colours or patterns. Our favourite items include silver necklaces and bracelets.

Your new ear candy

Complimenting the minimalist jewellery trend, we’re all about earrings that are simple, classic and timeless. Opt this season for hoop earrings and you won’t be let down. Choose them quite small or if you really want to, go medium sized, but the hoop earrings are your minimalist ear candy to go to.

Okay, I can hear you over-the-top jewellery lovers sigh in the back there, but don’t worry: this season, if you’re going with minimalist jewellery on your wrist and chest, it’s okay to go a bit bigger on your ears. The tassel earrings are back and they’re a strong contender. Pairing a pair of tassel earrings that compliments your dress has been a strong trend on the runway. And if you dare, you might color block a little and choose your pair of tassel earrings in a conflicting colour.

Back in time with a brooch

No, we did not fell on our head and hit something important up there, and yes, we are aware our grandmas have a love for them, but they’re here and no one can deny it. The brooch is back. It’s been spotted on fashionista’s and celebs around the world alike, and it seems like everyone’s been loving it. Give it a try and you might will too. If you can, go through your grandma’s jewellery drawer to find a real vintage brooch, or simply find your favourite below. Give your blazer somethin' extra this season!

With these new jewellery trend you’re sure to be spring ready. Choose your favourite one, mix & match to your personal style. And don’t forget to head over to our Instagram and share your favourite ones with us!

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