London Fashion Week Looks We Can't Wait To Try

By Annabel van Eijk | Trends | Ads Disclosure | 26/09/19

Hello to you and welcome to the middle of fashion month! This week was the official end of London Fashion Week but for us mere mortals, the very start of endless outfit inspiration. Once again the show-goers have served us with a sartorial spectacle of trends and to be honest, it's getting us very excited to get dressed. 

I can hardly get off Instagram when it's not fashion month, but when September arrives I'm in serious trouble. Or well, at least It's my job. Lucky for me (and you) our favourite London Fashionweek Attendees have been snapped up on those chic streets of London and we can study their outfits very carefully. Five days of fashion means at least a few amazing outfits you can "steal". 

London Fashion Streetstyle Trends 2019

Maximalists rejoice because London Fashion Week was all about putting the word "more" in front of our beloved style hacks and trends. More colour blocking,  more extreme mono-toning, more layering and more mixed messages. But in the current climate,  with extinction rebellion colouring the background and the Amazon on Fire, more isn't an excuse to shop recklessly. These outfits don't require a whole shopping haul or for you to splurge on things that will only last a few months. 

London Fashion Week Looks We Can't Wait To Copy

Lady of Many Layers

I love this look because it feels deliciously unexpected, without having to buy anything that your mother wouldn't approve you splurging on (yes, mini handbags are already almost over, let's face it). We've been seeing the dresses-over-pants look all over street style shots, and we love that it means we don't yet have to say farewell to our summer dresses. But I hadn't seen lots of looks that used a shirt dress instead of a floral one, it would have been less 'exciting' if it was just a plain shirt or a mini shirt dress - so if you want to shake things up a little a surprise yourself with this styling trick and go for a chic long shirt dress. 

But seeing as the Londoners always do things even more different than the other fashionistas, you're going to need another layer. A sleeveless vest or sweater vest looks great over a shirt dress or long-sleeved midi dress - it feels quirkier than layering with a jacket, but a cropped jumper also works great. For more than one trends in one look, we saw lots of sweet pastels so you could colour coordinate your layered up look with a cotton candy pink or soft, sweet blue in mind. 

London Fashion Week Look - 1
London Fashion Week Looks We Can't Wait To Copy

Master of Monotone 

Tonal Dressing is really setting the tone for this season's street style and runways. Mastering the monotone look doesn't mean just pairing a white tee with white trousers or a pink dress with a pink blazer, it means no exceptions. So every little thing in your outfit should be a shade of that hue, from your shoes to your bag and if you really want to nail this - your eyeshadow. We'll only make an exception for subtle gold or silver jewellery

To do this look just pick a colour you fancy right now and grab literally everything in your closet (or maybe have a sneaky look on Fashiola for something new) and piece it together like one colourful puzzle. We're seeing a lot of buttery goodness so for an extra on-trend look go for a couple of soft beige tones. Light pink, pastels or brown will also work spectacularly - just stay away from the bright colours, you can keep those for the next look. 

Fashion Week Look 3
London Fashion Week Looks We Can't Wait To Copy

Colour Block Queen

Just look at her! Tell me your heart doesn't glow for that colourful outfit! Well, ours certainly does and we quickly realised that yes, each item is amazing in itself, but together they're truly dreamy. Again like tonal dressing, this is not the time to play it safe. So that means you won't get away with matching the obvious like pink and purple or orange and green and blue - try and switch things up with unexpected combinations. 

Cardigans are no longer reserved for kindergarten teachers or to throw over your desk chair as an aircon saviour. Cardigans have gotten bigger and bolder and we're loving it. A chunky cardigan is perfect for transitional dressing and will go great on both pants and over a dress or midi skirt. My tip for this look is starting your outfit with two contrasting colours and building around it from there. The little details will make it a whole, so try and find a way to match your accessories or shoes with one of the colours. Also, I'd advise against going for more than two colours, rainbow dressing is rarely stylish...

A fake croc pattern bag is not only super stylish, on-trend and everlasting - it goes with anything, so it's a great idea to throw that into the mix. 

Fahsion Week Look 4
London Fashion Week Looks We Can't Wait To Copy

The Rule/Heart Breaker

Did you really think we forgot about you boys? If anything, street style fashion definitely hasn't forgotten about you, with what feels like a flood of stylish looks to get inspired by. 

The game is no longer just divided by street style stars and men living their best polished Pitti Uomo-Esque suit life. Designers and menswear stars have been stirring in the pot of fashion and mixing styles so much that you can't just pinpoint one thing from the other. In 2019, the world is a confusing place and it seems like your outfit should be too. 

We loved that men were wearing whatever their heart desired, mixing and matching different styles- like a walking sign that says "I cannot and will not be labelled!" That means you can wear a women's bag, punk-rock Dr.Martens and sportswear jacket in one look.

Men's London Fashion Week Look

Now For the (Even More) Fun Part...

Yes, going through street style snaps is fun, but shopping the fruits of fashion week street style is what we'd call a Real. Good. Time. Those It-bags you're seeing everywhere? That headband you can't get over? The sunglasses of your dreams someone was wearing? You'll find it on Luisaviaroma, the online destination for all the latest trends and designers the fashion world is obsessing over. I've selected a few products but I'm not going to stop you from shopping at Luisaviaroma and finding your own gems!

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