5 Trends for Men's Summer Fashion

By Sophie Tarif | Trends | 27/05/19
5 Trends for Men's Summer Fashion

This year, Spring and Summer 2018 is going to be a little more daring for the gents. Forget about dated trousers and shorts which have lasted for several seasons, this year we’re going to colour outside the lines! We’re throwing out the traditional rule book for men’s summer fashion, so gentlemen, let yourself go this season.

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  • Interesting silhouettes

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These are our five favourite men’s fashion trends

5 Trends for Men's Summer Fashion

Daddy, daddy cool, daddy coooool 

The 60s image of the dad with a briefcase and structured suit is dead under the water. Today, young fathers can be seen wearing trainers, chilled sweater and denim. Especially if they are hanging out at the park with their children on the weekend. It’s an easy to wear trend with an added essence of coolness and self-confidence which extends to the rest of a man’s wardrobe. If you want to make the most of this men’s fashion trend then vamp up the look by wearing a bold and branded sweatshirt, the latest fashion for men’s trainers or a statement pair of Chelsea boots.


jumpsuits for men

Jumpsuits for men

It doesn’t get any easier. One piece of clothing and your outfit is complete! It’s a bold look however as soon as you’ve tried on your first jumpsuit for men, trust us when we say you won’t be looking back! This trend is a great look for men’s summer fashion for those special sunny days on the green or if you’re heading to a festival this summer why not get yourself a pair of dungarees to wear with your wellies?


Another classic for men’s summer fashion it is great to have oversized clothing for the off-chance it’s warm! When things fit you nice and loose, comfortable and wide, you look great and feel great. Whether you’re heading off on holiday or hoping you can wear your new men’s summer fashion collection at home this year, oversized clothing is definitely a great trend to embrace. The latest fashion for men in oversized clothing is definitely in wide leg trousers which look their coolest high waisted and worn with a pair of brogues or old-school trainers.

Bomber Jackets

I mean, i’m writing about men’s summer fashion as the beast from the East cold weather has hit the UK however we can all dream of a time to store those heavy winter jackets to the back of your wardrobe and re-discover your summer jackets. One of Fashiola’s favourite men’s fashion trends is the bomber jacket. We especially love the tough looking bombers and embroidered bomber jackets for men.

Pastels are for Pretty Boys

If you’re trying to work out which colours are the hottest latest fashion men then pastel colours are a must! Did you think the millennial pink trend was really over? Nope - but it has matured! So, wear your pastel pink and other pastel colours in the form of a hoodie, bomber or kicks.

I can't believe we're already thinking about men's summer fashion trends - when did it get to May?! ...And where is the sun?

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