Mix and Match 2017 Trends

By Lena Steffen | Trends | 28/02/17
Mix and Match 2017 Trends

A few years ago, fashion was more reserved. The mixing of bright colours was too daring, and mixing too many textures was avoided at all costs, and it was same for mixing genres. But there has been a change. In 2017, nothing is frightening to fashionistas. Mixing and matching of styles and genres has really come into its own and we are here for it.

Mixing Styles that Work

When I talk about mixing and matching, I am talking about mixing styles that you would not necessarily think of as a match, but ones that work oddly well together. Here are my three favorite style mash-ups for spring/summer 2017.

Chic and Geek

T-shirts with vintage geek / sci-fi motifs are becoming more and more popular. You know, the kind of t-shirt from your childhood that until recently you could only find at flea markets? Well today, they have invaded the high street and you can find them everywhere. Update them for 2017 by mixing them with a chic outfit, like a pencil skirt and blazer, tailored pants and a waistcoat.

Sport and Luxury

This fashion mash-up is perhaps one of the more well known ones but I still love it. Mix a pair of trainers with a luxury bag for the ultimate athleisure aesthetic. For the most up to date look, brightly coloured trainers are perfectly matched with a sleek neutral designer bag.

Romantic and Rock

I love the combination of a romantic dress and a tough pair of boots. This combination is even better if the dress is a floral version. Perfect for spring, you can add a little of the warm weather to your wardrobe with the dress and still keep the look ready for rain with the boots.


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