New Year, New Shoes

By Philippa Jones | Trends | 29/12/16
New Year, New Shoes

If you are as obsessed with shoes as we are, you will be glad for an excuse to buy a few more pairs and with a new year comes a brand new excuse…

Best Shoes for 2017

With the new year rapidly approaching, we are starting to think about next year's wardrobes. Whilst we aren't buying new clothes for the new season just yet, we are starting to think about shoes for the spring. With so many great styles available, we made your decision easier by rounding up some of our very favourite pairs.

Boots for 2017

Boots are a wardrobe staple and if you pick the right pair you will be wearing them all year long. A classic leather heeled boot is a good choice if you are looking for a boot that goes with everything but if you are looking for a boot that will keep you on trend, choose a block-heeled version that will be the talk of the town come springtime.

Stylish Flats

Another wardrobe staple and this year's designs are making a serious play for best fashion trend. If you are looking to shop ahead of the curve and get some spring favourites, look for flat shoes with lots of ankle detailing, extra straps and in bright and beautiful colours.

Heels for Spring

This spring, the high heels are all about the cut out. Look for a cut out with bold colours and a mule inspired shape to hit this trend on the head. This spring is also another season where the kitten heel is making a reappearance, this trend has been something of a ‘marmite’ trend in recent years, but the beautiful shoes available this season could be enough to change your mind.  

So there you have it, some of the best shoes to refresh your wardrobe with in 2017. Let us know what shoes you are loving by tagging us on Instagram.  

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