Spring Coats Trend: Womens Trench Coat

By Gal Dagan | Trends | 27/12/18

While it’s full on spring and summer is coming closer day by day, we can’t forget the fact that we’re still in the UK. A sunny day can end in some serious rainfall, or an expected beautiful spring day can turn into yet another one of these never ending rainy days. This season like any other, we’re opting for save and bringing along a coat for just in case. One of our favourite spring coats is the womens trench coat. It’s easy to style with the rest of our spring wardrobe and a long trench coat will protect our valuable items from any rain. There are plenty of styles to choose from...

London Fashion Week: Womens Trench Coat

Which Womens Trench Coat to Wear? Iconic vs Contemporary

Want to be iconic this London Fashion Week?

With these spring coats you’re sure to be a street style icon. Choose between:

  • Burberry trench coat in tartan check print

  • Beige long trench coat with black buttons

  • Shorter womens trench coat

Going for a contemporary twist this London Fashion Week?

For a more modern twist on the old classic, you could try:

  • Interesting patterns: floral, monograms, stripes, jacquard

  • Nontraditional fabrics: transparent, satin, silk

  • Spring colours: pastel shades of pink, green, blue

Spring Coats Trend: Womens Trench Coat

How do I style womens trench coat?

One of the reasons we love this style of spring coats so much is because it’s easily styled. If you’re on your way to run some errands, a beige coloured trench coat with your favourite pair of skinny jeans, a simple black t-shirt, a pair of brogues and a tote is all you need.

Spring Coats Trends: Womens trench coat for on the run

But let’s say you’re going somewhere and you need an outfit that’s a bit more dressed up. What to do then? Firstly, go for a darker coloured trench coat. Then, choose either a high waisted midi skirt and a crop top, or you can go for an asymmetrical dress, a great pair of heels and a simple, elegant necklace. As my mum always says, better to be overdressed than underdressed, right?

Spring Coats Trends: womens trench coat for evening

Mix & match and try out new combinations so your can discover new styles of wearing womens trench coat, this Spring London Fashion Week must have coat!

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