Sunglasses: Summer 2017 Trends

By Lena Steffen | Trends | 14/07/17
Sunglasses: Summer 2017 Trends

Your favorite summer look always contains a pretty pair of sunglasses. A super trendy model that protects both your eyes and matches your style. In short, the perfect pair of glasses that you will love to wear all summer.

What I adore with sunglasses is that you can easily indulge in a new pair, without breaking the bank. You can easily find nice pairs, both from designers and high street brands. Our most important tip? Make sure you check that they have the best UV protection!

Sunglasses: the trends of summer 2017

In terms of sunglasses, the choice is huge. Whether it's classic models that are making their comeback or newer models with a totally modern look, you have so many choices.

The Aviator

These are a slice of classic fashion and were made more popular by the brand Ray Ban and when worn with a leather jacket, give me all kinds of Top Gun vibes. At their origin, the Aviator were only in gold frame with black glass. Today, they come in different colors, materials and made by a whole range of brands. Love classic fashion? The aviators are for you.


Round Frames

Round glasses will give you a 60's edge to all your looks, especially when paired with a floral top and a mini skirt! The round frame is perfect for elongated faces, as it softens the lines. In a colorful or black, metal or plastic version, they have a vintage and timeless look. My pick? I would go for a version with coloured glass, which mixes modernity and classic styles.

XXL glasses

Perfect for those who want to play the diva, hidden behind their glasses, XXL glasses are also a classic. I like to go for a modern pair, complimented by a classic and minimal look. I always think that the bigger the better when it comes to sunglasses, so it’s not really a surprise that you can find a fair few pairs of XXL glasses in my collection...

The Butterflies

There is another glamorous look on the horizon. Butterfly glasses were the flagship accessory of one of my favourite style periods- the 50’s. With their particular shape, they stretch the features of your face and particularly emphasize the oval-shaped faces. This summer, I am looking for a cat-eye style in pastel.

Tinted Lenses

Want to see life through rose-tinted glasses? Opt for coloured lenses. Blush pinks, blues, yellows and even mirrors ... the tinted glasses in 2017 come in all the colors of the rainbow. Pretty and funny, colored glasses will be perfect to brighten up a 100% black look, or match a colorful monochrome look.


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