The Best Menswear for Winter

By Philippa Jones | Trends | 06/01/17
The Best Menswear for Winter

With winter only formally starting a couple of weeks ago, we still have a fair few months to go before we are into spring. That might seem kind of depressing but it does have a silver lining, it means there is still plenty of time to wear your favourite winter coat or hat before the warming weather puts them into retirement for another year.

Men’s Winter Fashion

It’s the time of the year where men's fashion really comes into its own. Thick woolen coats styled with a sleek jumper and topped of with some leather gloves makes for a stylish look that will also keep you warm.

Men’s Winter Coats

Perhaps the cornerstone of men's winter dressing is the winter coat. Go for a longer woolen version to wear to the office or even on a date, and if you are looking for something to wear on an outdoor adventure then pick a feather filled style which is sure to keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions.

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Men’s Winter Jumpers

There has never been a better time to get yourself a cosy jumper. There are so many great styles on the high street right now, you are bound to find a jumper you can’t wait to wear. If you are looking for something on trend then look for textured knits in darker colours.

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Winter Shoe Trends for Men

We all know that shoes are an important part of any outfit and this season is certainly no different. A classic brogue is always a stylish choice, as are the ever popular chelsea boot. Choose a tan or darker colour to make them winter appropriate and if you are feeling particularly adventurous, opt for a suede version.

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