Winter Trainer Favourites With Sarenza

By Philippa Jones | Trends | 10/01/17
Winter Trainer Favourites With Sarenza

Here at Fashiola, we just can’t get enough of trainers. We love wearing them to work, to brunch with friends and even on a night out. Both comfortable and practical, they are a trend that we are happy is sticking around.


Trainer Trends

Now we are into 2017, it’s time to start thinking about what we are going to wear this year and if you are anything like us, it's a tricky task to pick. But there is a simple addition to your wardrobe that is guaranteed to work for you all year long and there is no better place to buy them then Sarenza.


The Hyped Shoe

We have all heard about them, the trainer that everyone has to have and that sneakerheads have been obsessed with for ages. 2017 is no different, with a whole host of must have sneakers that we are sure you will love.

Sleek and Black

If you aren’t one hundred percent sure about this trainer trends and are just looking to dip your toe in the waters, you should pick a sleek black option. For an on trend option that will last you a while, choose a pair with a white sole to contrast with the black upper. Alternative if you are a dedicated trainer wearer but are looking for a pair that goes with absolutely everything, black trainers are the way forward.

All Out Metallic

Some people certainly like to live by the philosophy, go big or go home and this is definitely the inspiration behind this sneaker trend. Add a bit of sparkle to your step with these great metallic options which are perfect for beating the january blues.

Winter Trainer Favourites With Sarenza
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