FEATHER+STONE Hummingbird Necklace

Hummingbird Necklace

Delicate 14k gold filled necklace with a 18k vermeil origami style hummingbird pendant. Can be worn alone, layered with gold necklaces or paired with gemstone necklaces. Gold fill is composed of a solid layer of 14 carat gold bonded with heat and pressure to a jewellers' brass core. The gold content in gold filled items are five to ten times thicker than gold plating. FEATHER+STONE jewellery is handcrafted from 14k gold fill, sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. In order to keep it spark

  1. £45.00
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    • Colours
      • Gold
    • Material
      • Fluff
      • Gold
      • Metal
      • Silver
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